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UNhiNgEd - Where ABUNDANCE Begins


It can feel like a game that never came with instructions.
Each clue you find feels like it could be the solution to crack it all open.
Only to reveal another clue
and another,
and another…
It can be disorienting,
confusing, and leave you questioning everything about yourself.
This game you’re playing is meant to have an end that leaves you feeling successful and satisfied,
which is why you keep playing…
 But you’re playing this unusual game from a reasonable place.
Your success is currently the fantasy you seek,
which means the rules to the game require a fantastical approach.
You’ll have to be UNhiNgEd☻️ to believe in your own fantasy.
And that’s when it all becomes REAL.
We’ll be live for the UNhiNgEd free masterclass starting SEPTEMBER 22-24th.
💫🤚🏼This will only be free for a short window…
It will later be remastered and sold as a paid course.
Click here to register and win (sur)PRIZES…
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now that's refreshing

You get to grow your business with intention and excitement. YOUR way. Where you wake up feeling inspired and more energized.

If you're frustrated with your results from last year, The REFRESH is here for you.

your calling is calling

No more wandering, wishing, or hoping aimlessly. Get on purpose to generate more joy and wealth in your day, week, month, and year.
Get full access to one of my most powerful trainings - ALL of Captivated Calling remastered program + BONUS trainings!

99 problems but $ aint one

Design your life to attract and expect more miracles, EVERY...DAY...
It doesn't have to be so sporadic; it gets to be something you EXPECT to see every day!
Learn how to use the practical and energetic tools behind the magic of attracting more money + BONUS TOOLS & MEDITATIONS!

money mindset and manifestation spectacular sandra haseley


Learning how to adjust and improve your mindset about money and how that's DIRECTLY tied to having it manifest (AKA "appear") in your life. This course tears down the mindset that's been holding you back, and constructs a rock-solid foundation to help you grow your wealth.

aligned legacy

Walk through the detailed imagery of an unspoken code from the legacy that's kept you in generational limitation and lack... And leave with the control to create a powerful shift that amplifies the abundance and opportunity for your family for years to come.

Your medicine is in

I might not be a doctor, but I've built on this prescription for prosperity in online business over-and-over throughout the last several years, and it's time to share this metaphorical medicine. And leave with the control to create a powerful shift that amplifies the abundance and opportunity for your family for years to come.


legacy MAKERS

You hold the power to create living legacy with a ripple effect for years to come.
Regardless of your family history, you get to do this with more joy, greater success, more wealth, and less stress. THIS is Legacy Makers.

queen of confidence sandra haseley

make way for the queen

It's what magnetizes potential clients, romantic relationships, opportunities, and more self-love. It's confidence, and until you become queen of your own, you'll be allowing the riches in life to escape you. Take it back. Take it all back (like the Goonies) with the Queen of Confidence.


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Each one of the programs coming this year are the evolved versions of trainings I’ve done for my private clients and for major global brands.

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My only 6-month group-coaching in 2022 for high performers ready to
elevate and expand
in business AND life.

The emotional and energetic shifts that take place in this intimate container are responsible for the hyper-acceleration that happens for the women in my small groups.

Starting late August- additional program details will be given during the application process.

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My 1-on-1 is my highest touch offering.

I want to make sure I'm the right mentor to help you ascend to the greatest levels in your business yet!

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