I don't do resolutions.

We have a new year coming up which triggers all the “resolution” conversations.


It’s SO GREAT that people want to upgrade and improve.


It’s because they know there’s more for them in this life.


But resolutions STILL don’t work.


With average failure rates of over 80%, why do we keep going back to the most unlikely model?



  • We don’t know what other options we have

  • Everyone else is doing it

  • The hope of the new year takes over and makes me hope anyway,  despite my previous results

Instead of aimlessly riding the wave of other people’s excitement and hoping you’ll find something that finally clicks for you…


You can get ALIGNED with what feels the best to you, on your terms, without influence from anyone else.

Yes, ride the collective excitement from the energy of everyone running boldly into the new year…


But borrow the momentum only, while you create alignment to ignite the momentum that lives inside you.


So that when the energy wanes from the 80% of billions of people quitting on their resolutions…


you'll just...




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