The Power Method

The ultimate guide for women who are ready to reclaim their strength, excel in leadership, and create work-life integration in the most powerful way.

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This Isn` t Just A Book

Ok, yeah, it is a book, but there’s more going on here…

I wrote this book from a place of having experienced so many diverse and incredible women from all over the world, over the past several years.

The ways their stories, courage, determination, and joy have inspired me is something I wanted so badly to distill into an instruction manual (of sorts) for other women to find hope in.

So while this is a book, I knew I could do better.

I’m a high-performance strategist and mentor so it’s only natural that I’d want you to actually benefit from reading this and change your life in some positive way.

But I know that books don’t always do that for people.

The problem with so many self-improvement or self-development books is that there are some GREAT reads…

They make you feel good, they bring more awareness, they offer new perspectives…

But once you put the book down and you go into your life again, has anything changed?

If you haven’t DONE anything, only consumed information, most people won’t have been affected by the read enough to see a tangible improvement in their live…

Even though that was the whole intention behind opening the book in the first place.

So I’ve included BONUS TOOLS in the book that allow you to take action on what you’re reading, do actually work that digs up the things that need looking at, so you can actually see the change and shifts in how you feel, how you look at things, the types of choices you make…


Incredible Bonus Tools Included

A three Part Book

The Power Method is a three-part book emphasis covers the topics of power, leadership, and work-life integration, to help women slide back into their greatness and become an even more powerful version of themselves.


Women throughout history, all over the world, have earned a reputation for getting it all done.


But that doesn’t mean it makes us feel empowered.


More often than not, it leaves us feeling drained, scattered, emotional, and questioning ourselves.


The thing about power is that you can’t take it from anyone else but no one can take it from you either.


So if you feel like you’re the last person to claim the title, “powerful”, it’s just because you’ve forgotten who you are.

power method

In the first section of this book, I go back to the beginning with you, walking you through some of my own stories from childhood and up.

Through my own experience, I’m pulling out lessons of power to help highlight the similarities between my story and yours and how the power may have become hidden, but we have access to it right NOW.

your given power
legend-like leadership

You may not think you’re a leader, but I promise you that’s not true. In the second part of this book, you’ll discover how your leadership has shown up in your life and I help you design your future leadership style in a way that’s fully aligned with who you are and what you want.

Managing everything is the dance, isn’t it?


We do it so well, even though we’re falling apart while we do it, half the time.


But searching for balance is like searching for “perfect”… it’s an illusion.


You get to do something more powerful, instead.


In this section of the book, work-life integration is the goal and since we all have a different work and personal life scenario at play, you’ll find ways to craft an easier method to integrate the two into your life, immediately.

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