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New here?

Sandra here, if this is your first introduction to me, WELCOME. I’m so glad you found me!

I’m here to help you get aligned with what you’re lit up to do so you can finally expand the results and life you’ve been visualizing for so long. 

I’m a high-performance mentor & strategist for big-vibe women, ready to earn more money than ever doing what they love, and doing it EASIER than ever before.

Because otherwise, what’s the point?


I get so stoked for women building their brand and blasting through their goals, and it’s so frikkin’ rewarding to watch them do it in a way that feels FUN.

That’s my speed.

So my clients and I definitely have fun during our client sessions because business gets to be fun.


I mean it’s “work” but it’s work that’s awesome so it doesn’t feel HARD

Whether you: 


Would feel great starting with a course on a specific focus…

Love the energy and coding you receive from a live program…


Feel so ready for a small-group coaching container…


Or you know it’s time for focused, intentional, and amplified support through a 1-on-1 mentor experience…


Your portal to all the magic is here:


My Background

College grad here, meh… 

I got my degree in finance and marketing, but you better believe I didn’t use it like that.

By the time I graduated, the stale marketing information I learned was obsolete.


Besides, I ended up getting a job in finance for a commercial mortgage brokerage, which I did not love, but I learned a ton about the foundations of big and small company growth strategies.

After that I went into commercial real estate for developers, earning a director-level position and helped to close over $500 million in real estate deals.

I was helping real estate clients grow their businesses because if they grew, they’d need more space, win-win.


And although I hated the depressing and exhaustive nature of the hustle and grind culture in real estate, I was also terrified of owning my own anything.


So it wasn’t until I was terminated (right after closing a multi-million dollar deal for my company, mind you) that I realized, even corporate wasn’t safe.


So after a fruitless job search and conversations with my husband who dreamed of owning his own health clinic, I went face-first into entrepreneurial life.

The rest…




High Performance Mentoring & Consulting

I’ve had a blast working with individual service-based owners, from teachers to fit-pros, coaches, artists, photographers, and medical professionals…

I’ve also had some amazing experiences with major international brands that needed help building, marketing, and selling new service packages.

The most fun for me? Watching the person get radical results.

Because when women do that, I know their mental health is improved, their family relationships get richer, their financial freedoms unlock more joy and excitement for life, and their clients get these incredible transformations.

I get to be a domino that knocks down even cooler dominoes, making a ripple effect for other individuals I’ll never know or meet.

THAT is an honor.


My Style

If you’ve caught any of my trainings or bought any of my digital programs, I know ya feel me 😉

But if you’re newer in my space, I’ll give you the quick and dirty…

My desires are your desires and I’m THRILLED for you to find out what’s actually available to you.



The Published Version of My Bio

Also known as, “the version the interview host gets.”

Sandra Haseley is a business strategist, high-performance coach, 2X international bestselling author, and keynote speaker.

She’s super passionate about guiding big-vibe women into wealthier and joy-filled next level, through high-level strategies and even more powerful mindset.

She is the owner of Sandra Haseley + CO. and founding partner of several other companies in the last 10 years.

Sandra’s worked with thousands of women from all across the world, teaching them how to multiply their income while working less and having way more fun.

With multiple businesses and 4 not-so-small humans (ahem, her kids) at home, she’s created the systems and integration between personal life, family, work, and rest that allows women like her to thrive, no matter what.

She has also been hired as a corporate consultant for multimillion-dollar businesses for program development, speaking, and workshop creation.