Twelve Empowering and True Stories Authored by Women Who Found Strength and Hope During Times of Darkness and Despair


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There's Grace in your grit...

The author’s alliance that we have created within Grit & Grace is a community of women who know, love, and respect each other.

It is our intention to invite women to connect with any of the authors you feel led to. Consider this book an open door to create more conversation, share stories, and expand our collective wisdom. We’ve each witnessed, first hand, the extraordinary impact women have made when they intentionally come together for a powerful.

The chapter index in this book can serve as a menu of support to meet each woman’s needs, regardless of where she’s at in her life right now.



There's Strength in your story

There's Grace in the grit

You’ve been through hard times before. You might be going through them right now. At the very least, you know someone who is.

Throughout history and across every culture, women have been exalted as nurturers, overcomes, and caretakers. When we share our pain with women who’ve been through a similar struggle, we gain clarity, perspective, wisdom, and strength.

When you’re facing a challenge that feels so isolating, finding hope from other women’s experiences can mean everything in the world at that moment.

This collection of true stories was designed to serve as the gentle ear, the warm hug, and the powerful heart of women, just like you, who want you to find the grace through the grit of your pain.


We know you can, and it’s our mission to allow women to borrow from our pain and strength in order to make it through their “grit” just a little easier and with a little more grace.  


You definately don’t have to feel alone in what you’re going through, but you can also smile while you make your way through it.

Grit & Grace isn’t just a toolbox of fortification for perspective and strategy…

It also brings the lighter side of pain, because when things get really hard, we’re either laughin’ or crying.

You can get through the tough stuff a little easier, and a little happier with an alliance of women who are paving the way on the gritty highway, paved with just enough grace to see the good.

Grab a cozy blanket, a comfy spot on the couch, and tuck in while we invite you into our vulnerable stories as we share our grit with you.