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If youre not feeling aligned about selling,
If you’re hesitating,
If you’re nervous,
If you’re holding back.
If you’re crossing your fingers hoping that they’ll just find you..

It’s time to really enjoy sales.

The more fun it becomes, the easier it becomes,

the more excited you’ll be to do it, and the more often you’ll do it!

Learning to sell with your whole heart,
Connecting to others’ souls through the richness of what you offer and how incredible your product is.

This is aligned work you do, and it’s POWERFUL.

Which is why it will require your heart to sell in a way that honors your soul and the hearts of your empowered buyers.

Sold out programs are more than possible.
Launches that feel so fun.
Getting up being excited to sell.
Hearing the word “sales” and feeling honor.

Watching others sell with their heart excites you and makes you feel even more powerful.

The rising tide has BEEN here…

But the tsunami is coming.

Women are READY to sell.

We just desire a better way.

Live in April 2023

On presale for $222 until Mar. 29.

Price will continue to increase
until it reaches $777.

currently on PRE-sale



Over 5 hours of training to help you elevate your brand to one that’s INSPIRED, ALIGNED, CONNECTED, and MAGNETIC. It’s time to get BRANDED.

the 2023 calendar is live!



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