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YOUR CAPTIVATED Calling is waiting...

It’s time to stop wandering.
You have SO much purpose to step into.
So many women are prioritizing other tasks out of fear, lack of focus, or lack of belief in what they can do.
You’re either not fully lit up by what you’re doing or how you’re doing it right now‚Ķ
You simply don’t know what you¬†could¬†be doing that might captivate you.
This is how so many women are existing right now. But it’s not good enough.
Not for you.
Your peace of mind.
Your joy.
Your presence.
Your family.
Your network of people.
And certainly not your bank account.
Accepting this wandering-aimless behavior means that underneath it, you believe you’re not worthy of a calling that’s worth very much at all.
That, maybe you were kidding yourself when it felt like you were meant for more than this muted experience; 
Ticking off the checkboxes for today’s stuff but not feeling like you’re what you’re doing really matters.
That whisper that reminds you how much more is possible for you besides the tasks, responsibilities, errands, chores, and other people’s priorities‚Ķ
THAT’S the voice of truth.
That feeling has been calling you but you haven’t given yourself a moment to sit with the hope of it, to explore that feeling and listen to what it might be calling you to do.¬†
You could keep going like this all year if you wanted to.
And the next year after that.
But why would you continue to keep pace on a hamster wheel that makes you feel so gray and muted,
when you could be stepping into a calling that CAPTIVATES you?
Instead of doing the things you simply can do…
You can do the thing you’ll LOVE to do.
And you can watch your power, joy, relationships, and income grow together on purpose.
CAPTIVATED CALLING is finally here for YOU.
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